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Welcome to MNC, the best in cardiology and nuclear medicine supplies in the USA. How do thousands of nuclear medicine techs and buyers of cardiology supplies stay on top of their inventory needs? They call Medi-Nuclear (“MNC”). With technology, printed catalogs, a stand-out experienced sales team and same day shipping, MNC is the perfect supplier for you. MNC services large and small cardiology departments, nuclear medicine departments, PET, hot labs, and diagnostic imaging centers with just in time inventory. Since 1970, MNC has been one of the most trusted, customer-service oriented suppliers in our industry. One of the biggest benefits of being an MNC customer is our expert customer service.

Product Lines


Nuclear Medicine


∙ Radioactive Sources

∙ QC/QA Phantoms

∙ Lung Ventilation

∙ Shielding & Storage

∙ Table top Shields

∙ Syringe Shields

Nuclear Equipment


∙ Dose Calibrators

∙ Thyroid Uptakes

∙ Well Counters

∙ Radiation Detection



∙ Infection Control

∙ Table Paper Gowns
  & Capes

∙ Exam Room Furniture

∙ Needles, Syringes
  & Sharps

∙ IV Infusion Supplies

∙ Electrodes & Chart  

∙ EKG Cables & Accessories

General Imaging


∙ Print Media

∙ Ultrasound Supplies

∙ MRI Accessories

∙ X-Ray Products

∙ Radiation Protection

∙ Patient Positioning

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