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Welcome to MNC for the best in nuclear medicine and cardiology supplies in the USA. How do thousands of nuclear medicine techs and buyers of cardiology supplies stay on top of their inventory needs? They call Medi-Nuclear (“MNC”). With technology, printed catalogs, a stand-out experienced sales team and same day shipping, MNC is the perfect supplier for you. MNC services large and small cardiology departments, nuclear medicine departments, PET, hot labs, and diagnostic imaging centers with just in time inventory. Since 1970, MNC has been one of the most trusted, customer-service oriented suppliers in our industry. One of the biggest benefits of being an MNC customer is our expert customer service.


MNC is an authorized distributor of flood sources and PET sources by Eckert & Ziegler Isotope Products®, Perflexion®, C-Thru®, Featherlite® and NES®.  We supply sources for cameras made by GE Healthcare, Siemens, Positron Corporation and others.  Hospitals and diagnostic imaging centers find MNC to be very knowledgeable about which source fits which camera.  You will find MNC to be very efficient and our pricing is always spot-on. Call MNC for all of your flood sources and PET sources.


Hospital staff and cardiology offices work in very demanding, high-energy and always-changing environments. MNC is right there with you, offering steady, reliable service and product suggestions, with solutions on how to meet your budget and make your job easier. MNC is a compliant, large supplier for many of the nuclear medicine products you need every day, offering same day shipment on: electrodes, EKG prep, custom holter kits, infusion supplies, Sony paper, nuclear medicine, shielding, lung vent products, radiation detection supplies, needles, syringes, contrast agents, diagnostic equipment, table paper, gowns, exam room supplies, exam room furniture, infection control products, patient positioning, ultrasound products, gel and MRI supplies.


MNC offers very fast turn-around on specials and quote requests. We are considered specialists in our industry, with many certified nuclear medicine techs on our sales and customer service team. In-depth industry knowledge allows us to understand your needs and put together the best quote for your needs and budget. Many MNC customers call us first for their special requests because they know we can deliver every time. Some of our staff have 10 and 20 years of technical medical sales experience and experience as nuclear medicine technicians. Call us to ask us product questions. We really are an invaluable resource for you.


The MNC sales staff is especially a perfect fit for stocking your Hot Lab. Hospitals have teamed up with MNC again and again, relying on us to put the right mix of supplies together to get your Lab up and running. Use our experience on your next large project.


Call 800-423-4226 and get started with MNC today. And think of us first for your PET and Flood Source replacements.

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